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Discovery of a New Internets World Online

Filed under: — Jesse @ 6:19 pm, 10/28/2004

It seems that Lance McCord, a frequent visitor to the online internet web world and author of a personal website, has discovered one of the internets to which George W. Bush presumably referred in the debate with John Kerry cited previously on this site. Visit his website for an informative account of his discovery of this parallel web universe.

Presidential Campaigns and the Internets

Filed under: — Jesse @ 11:15 am, 10/11/2004

In the debate last Friday between Senator John Kerry and President George W. Bush, the President mentioned that “there’s a rumor going around the internets that we’re going to reinstate the draft.” OIW congratulates the President on taking time during the debates to educate the public on matters concerning the world wide internets web presence network.

This is not the first time that a Presidential candidate has helped inform the public about the web-net sphere during a Presidential campaign. Speaking with CNN news anchor Wolf Blitzer in 1999, Al Gore announced to the public that he had invented the internet. Taking Bush’s comment on “the internets” into consideration, however, the question arises, “Which one?” In fact, how many internets are there, and what, pray tell, differentiates them?

It seems this most recent Presidential campaign comment on the interweb has led to more questions than answers.

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